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co-mod application

[x] co-mod quality [x]
.: why do you like kissmeiamemo community?

.: what do you want to do or change about this community? I don't have any specific ideas, but I'd like to create some new/more banners, get out there and promote, and maybe judge a bit harder. There are some people who make it in and then dont vote, don't promote, and don't stay active, and I would try and fix that. I'm not sure how, but I would try. lol =]
.: what was your first impression of the community? It looked like/is a really cool community where emo kids could just meet other emo kids and chat and what not.
[x] opinions and views [x]
what's your opinions on..?:
.: hot topic:
ehm.. well I haven't found any other store to get my shirts at, or any others that have band tees of the bands I actually like, so I get my patches and stuff there, along with t-shirts, and accessories. Like I said, theres hardly anywhere to shop for stuff I like.
.: thrift stores: Frickin KICKASS. people get rid of the best stuff. I found a "Virginia is for Lovers" shirt there, which is great, cuz i was born in Virginia. =] it was great hapiness that day.
.: mtv: too much rap. they lost touch with the rock, and the only time they play their so called "rock" it's at two in the morning and it's new found glory and hoobastank *lyke omgz! hoobastank is so freaking on the tv! omgz!!!* sorry. psh. it pisses me off.
[x] random questions [x]
.: if you could play 3 songs at your funeral, what would they be and why?</b>
Amazing Grace- Because I absolutly love that song, always have, and I would have my best friend Steph sing it, because she has a beautiful voice to sing it with.
Sunsets and Car Crashes by The Spill Canvas- Because it's everything I want to feel about the one I love. It's every word i could ever imagine to describe the depth of my feelings for them.
Close Yet Far by CKY- Because I adore this song. It seems as if it was written for the one who always seems to slip through the fingers of the "real world," liek it was for the outcast that no one knows exists.
.: what single thing [not person] do you need to make you happy? my mix of my favorite songs that remind me of people, past loves, and that one feeling you get when you know you are head over heels in love and nothing can pull you out of it.
.: Which would you rather have.. to be in the same room as the person you love but ever get to speak to them, or be in separate rooms but be able to communicate and why? Same room, because actions speak louder than words, and all I would need to tell them would be that I love them, and words can't express the feeling of love.
.: what does emo music mean to you: [be detailed] emo music means putting every emotion into words and lyrics that the people who have been through situations in which those emotions were emitted can relate almost exactly to.
the emotion of: hate, love, anger, passion, confusion, etc.
emo music is putting the true "emo kids" life to music.
[x] personal info [x]
.: name 3 physical things you like about yourself - two you dislike:

× my eyes
× my hair color
× my toes
× my pudgy-ness
× my hair cut
.: name 3 mental things you like about yourself - two you dislike:
× I am the comic relief in most tense situations
× I'm not afraid to state my opinions
× I know how to be positive to the point of okay, and not to the point of annoyingly perky
× I can be pretty pessimistic
× I can be selfish, thought I try not to
.: do you believe in love at a young age? why/why not?: Yes, I do. I believe that love knows no race, no age, no gender. Love does not discriminate against those who feel it's overwhelming power. When it's there, it's there. Period.
.: what is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to you:
Best: When I met my best friend, Steph. She's gotten me through some pretty rough times, and is always there for me.
Worst: Attempting suicide. Nothing good comes from it. Trust me.
.: if you were to die next year, name 10 things you would do and why?:
× Travel all over Europe - there are some beautiful places I would love to see in person
× Go to state with Jazz band - it's a goal
× Master the baritone saxophone - it's a goal
× Learn every instrument in marching band possible - yep, another goal (yes, I'm a band geek)
× Sky dive - it seems effin awesome
× Bungee Jump - it seems so cool
× Write and record a song - I love writing and singing, so it'd be so cool if i could get someone to play it and I could sing
× Take some famous photographs - I love photography of scenery and people who don't know they're having their pictures taken, who are being just themselves.. sheer beauty
× Spend a week or two on a mountain just writing, reading, and thinking.. all alone - it is such a calming thing to be out in nature untouched by civilization, and just regressing in time
× Feed every homeless person on a bench a ham sandwich in Central Park - because everyone loves a ham sandwhich
[x] the mod [x]
.: what is your opinion of the mod?
she's handling this community extremely well. Most other people wold have let it just crash and burn, but she's extremely decidated and I admire that, and I would be extremely happy to help in any way that I can, even if it's not co-mod

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