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mod. - all members please read.

+ keep voting on keeping/dropping members :]
+ reply to this post with the member you think deserves the accessories theme award.
+ apply for co-mod

+any accepted member can apply. i hope everyone applys. <3 EVERYONE.
+in subject line type "co-mod application".
+use a lj-cut.

voting on co-mod:
+members, vote on who you think should be co-mod. if you're applying for co-mod vote for another member who you think would make a good co-mod. don't vote for yourself, let others voice their opinions on you.
+voting will take place starting august 22..and will end august 25. i will make a special post with all co-mod applicants. vote there, not on their personal application. wait until you see ALL applications.

why are you recruiting a co-mod?:
i wanted something different for this community. more themes ideas, more people applying, more activity and ideas. plus, i need some people to give input on the community's info and the community itself. i need some help stamping members and such also.

anymore ?'s - just ask. thanks and hope to see you all applying :]

the co-mod application:
[these ?'s are to see who will make a co-mod and get along with other members and me, the mod, of course. plus its always great to know more about people.]

co-mod quality:
-why do you like kissmeiamemo community:
-what do you want to do or change about this community:
-what was your first impression of the community:
opinions and views:
-whats your opinions on:
-hot topic:
-thrift stores:
random questions:
-if you could play 3 songs at your funeral, what would they be and why?
-what single thing[not person] do you need to make you happy?
-Which would you rather have.. to be in the same room as the person you love but ever get to speak to them, or be in separate rooms but be able to communicate and why?
-what does emo music mean to you: [be detailed]
</i>personal info</i>
-name 3 physical things you like about yourself - two you dislike:
-name 3 mental things you like about yourself - two you dislike:
-do you believe in love at a young age? why/why not?:
-what is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to you:
-if you were to die next year, name 10 things you would do and why?:
the mod
-what is your opinion of the mod?

alright. start applying. <3
the mod.
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